Sunday, July 7, 2013

When You Say Nothing At All...

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Worst Of My Fears Start Coming True
And It Turns My Days Black And Blue
To imagine what you think is an order very tall
And it drives me nuts, When You Say Nothing At All

How many meanings for a slight nod or a tight stare
To measure the unspoken words is a totally scare…
To assume things on top of it is a total dare
To go ahead and action without words is a guys night mare !

It’s always better and simpler if you speak it out
Rather than for me to assume and make it out !
When you say nothing it makes space for doubt…
Invariably I assume wrong  that leads us to shout!

The calm of the sea is a sign of the storm…
When a woman is silent and calm you can expect the next bomb !
Even though she has many qualities to her charm …
Her silence always is a sign of some harm !

An angel of truth and a dream of friction
A girl silence is a bundle of contradiction.
The silence can take us for better or for the worse
Unspoken gestures can break open our head or be our nurse !

When you say nothing at all is like a tsunami bound by no size…
The unspoken words automatically make the tensions in me to rise !
The tensed moments, the worries and the cries
And the loud wails that reaches the skies.

When you say nothing at all things fall in place
And it ends up the terrible rat race..

For A Change, An Unruffled Silence prevails   

  Which is A Desire Of All the Males!!!


  1. Mike...

    Just remember love activates all the senses but the common-sense...

    Which is the desire of the females

  2. When you say nothing...this blog says it all! A must read...good one Murali!

  3. awesome...... wonderful post.... winning lot of monds and hearts...!

  4. Dai Murali.....

    smile is just a curve which makes a lot of things straight..... and it is proven, nice to see your blog..... and thanks for taking time off to reply.....

    it is so gr8 to see your blog... your poem is good and you are appreciated.....

    Keep up the good work truely appreciated, keep miking.

  5. hey.. thnx a ton and am sure i will expect more comments from you and will keep miking !!! :)


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